Monday, October 14, 2002

So this is my first blog ever, and i have been warned by some people if i don't keep up i am going to get it, so we'll see! I just want to say that I think everyone is a little stressed out right now... oh wait, nope, its just me! Just kidding but for all yall girls who got accepted to A&M Congrats and ILOVEYOU!!! Hopefully I will find out before march if i got in or not. That has been a big thing on my mind lately. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend i heard brook and JB's weekend was pretty eventful with the toliet paper and all. Sounds like fun girls. Also I want to wish Courtni good luck this week... she is beautiful and I hope she wins Homecoming Queen! If you don't win Court, you are still awesome to me and I love u!! (but no worries, you will win!!). Well this was fun, I hope everyone has a good time sleeping in tomorrow or whatever yall do! I love everyone!!